Electric Bike Basics

Electric Bike Basics.

All electric bikes comprise of 3 main additional components over a traditional bicycle – the drive unit, power pack and control unit. While these do add a fair bit of weight, with the motor the power easily makes up for it.

UK legislation dictates that all eBikes now are pretty much pedal assist only (so no throttles), have a maximum motor power of 250 Watts, which cut off when the speed reaches 15.5Mph (25Km/h) and that you must be over 14 to ride one.

Drive unit types (Hub vs Crank assist)

Until recently hub motors have been the most common type of drive unit, as they were easily added to existing bicycle frame types, at or after manufacture. They operated independently kicking in and out to ‘assist’ in a simple manner.

Crank driven motors fully assist you with gearing working much better to assist you through varying terrain. The frames however have to be purpose made to fit the motor unlike hub motors.

Batteries, what are they and how long do they last?

The majority of eBike batteries sold in the UK are Lithium-ion, much like mobile phone or laptop batteries – generally regarded as being the best portable rechargeable type.

In terms of how long they last, it really does depend on the level of assist required or ‘requested’ by the mode that the bike is set to on the control panel and the terrain that you are travelling on + weight consideration. Typically you can expect somewhere between 25 and 70 miles of travel on a single charge and you can see the remaining battery either on screen or by looking at the LEDS on the battery.

Checkout Bosch's handy range caluclator: https://www.bosch-ebike.com/en/service/range-cockpit/

Batteries, how do you recharge them and how long does it take?

Each bike is provided with a mains adapter allowing you to plug in and charge the battery whilst still on the bike. To give you some idea on charging here are Bosch’s stated times:

Charging time (at 4 A)

50% charge

100% charge

PowerPack 300

1 hour

2.5 hours

PowerPack 400

1.5 hours

3.5 hours

PowerPack 500

2 hours

4.5 hours

System reliability and warranty

Generally with brands like Bosch and Yamaha you are buying into a proven technology, which has been thoroughly tested before release. As a piece of mind our Scott eBikes have a 2 year warranty on the electrics.